Vaccinations: just a little poke

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It’s that time again: itchy eyes, allergy pills, the joy of weather that alternates between winter and summer every other day. And for the horses, Spring Shots. We happened upon this essay on the age-old “to vaccinate or not to vaccinate” argument, which we guarantee is going on right now at barns across the country. DVM David Ramey shares strong opinions about alternative approaches to equine health care and funny illustrations in his article titled “Vaccinosis (and other dopey assertions about vaccines)”.  There’s some really good advice here, along with  plenty of good old-fashioned cranky vet common sense.

Just click on the excerpt below to read the whole thing: 

I just don’t get the “Don’t vaccinate” advice.  It’s like people are saying, “Your horse might get sick from vaccines, so let’s let him get sick with diseases that are difficult or impossible to treat, instead.”  What kind of dopey advice is that?


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