The Show Ring

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We love the May/June cover – a vintage photo of the inimitable Helene Asmis with Jalifa, an imported Lusitano stallion. To us, it captures beautifully the joy that can result from a good day of healthy competition, and we’re so grateful to be able to share it with our readers. Photographer unknown, but much appreciated!

The Show Ring. Those three words carry an awful lot of weight – maybe a disproportionate amount of weight – in the world of humans and horses. From that first lead-line circle on the familiar, sure & steady mount, to the pre-teen walk/trot outing on the summer-camp pony we only know for a week or two, showing is part of many equestrians’ DNA. As with all competitive aspects of life, horse shows, races and competitions can bring out the best for many of us; while for others it’s the nerves and perceived losses that we remember. In our May/June 2014 issue we look at competition from several different angles: Thom Pollard has advice for the parents of kids who may be showing for the first time, while Lynn Clifford encourages horse lovers at all stages of life to consider what being a “winner” really means to them. Margret Henkels fills us in on how myofascial release can help to maximize your equine athlete’s health and performance, and Ozana Photography has teamed up with us to provide a peek into the many facets of competitive sport on offer in New Mexico. Resident tack diva Vikki Chavez has advice on catching the judge’s eye with good turnout and the proper use of bling. For those among us prefer the trail to the arena, staff writer/photographer Cecilia Kayano details three of her favorite in-state trail rides. Erica Franz chimes in from the blogosphere with an interesting take on the use of nosebands, while our Special Events Section has information from some of NM’s most popular clubs & associations; along with a May/June calendar bursting with events of interest to participants and spectators alike. From the cover to the tail end, we hope you’ll enjoy our lighthearted take on this busy season – find it in your local New Mexico feed store, tack shop or other equine business throughout the months of May & June – and on June 1 you’ll find it online as well.

Read on, ride on – and keep in touch!

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