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Horse Around New Mexico magazine is expanding during 2018! We will continue targeting New Mexico horse owners and enthusiasts, and we will be building our readership by:

Building Facebook readership: Our Facebook reaches and followers is growing every day as we regularly feature where to ride/horse camp, how to get there, and tips on how to be a better horseman. When you advertise, you are eligible to have your ad posted on our Facebook page at no cost, which reaches thousands of horse lovers in New Mexico and beyond.

Expanding content to cover all areas of New Mexico: We’re expanding readership throughout our great state.  From Taos and Raton to Grants and Farmington to Las Cruces and Carlsbad, we’ll be reaching more readers, covering more events, and writing about riding opportunities and the horse world all over New Mexico.

Improving layout and design to increase readability and create “keeper” issues that New Mexico horse people will hang on to, refer to, and pass along, which translates into more value and visibility for advertisers, at the same great rates we’ve always offered!

Securing more out-of-state, tourist and visitor subscriptions: Thousands of people travel here to ride, show and vacation with their horses each year. With our expanded out-of-state presence, they’ll be looking to Horse Around New Mexico for where to stay, where to buy feed, where to shop and where to find veterinary services.


Include Horse Around New Mexico in your 2018 ad plan!

To Find Out More:

Contact, or 505-570-7377

2018 Ad Rates

1/8 Page: $60
1/4 Page: $120

1/3 Page (horizontal or vertical): $180
1/2 Page: $240

Full-Page: $480

Inside Back Cover: $500

Inside Front Cover: $550

Outside Back Cover: $725

15% discount for 5 issues.

Affordable design and layout services available; call 505-570-7377.

Facebook boosts of your advertisement: $40

Advertising Specs:

Magazine trim size: 8.5” x 11” (plus 1/8″ bleed)

Layout sizes for advertisements:

Full page, bleed: 8.5”(w) x 11”(h) plus 1/8” bleed

Full page: 7.5”(w) x 10”(h)

Half page, horizontal: 7.5”(w) x 4.875”(h)

Quarter page: 3.625”(w) x 4.875”(h)

Third page horizontal: 4.875″ (w) x 4.875″ (h)

Third Page vertical 2.375″ (w) x 10″ (h)

Eighth page: 3.625”(w) x 2.312”(h)

All submitted ads must be 300 DPI, CMYK, 4/C process. No spot colors. PDF is the preferred file format. Make sure all fonts are embedded in the PDF, and please do not include crop marks, trim marks or other printer’s marks.


Horse Around New Mexico is a beautifully designed, full-color print magazine, distributed for free at horse and farm-related businesses throughout New Mexico and beyond. Our target audience is one of the fastest-growing, most affluent demographic groups around: New Mexico horse owners, horse lovers and horse industry professionals. HANM gives you the opportunity to advertise directly to your target demographic; from the first-time adult horse owner to the professional trainer, the backyard dressage enthusiast to the barrel racer, show-ring competitor or casual trail rider. Reasonable advertising rates and simple ad structuring make it easy and affordable to get your message across. Businesses large and small can buy in for just one month or for a full year’s worth of issues.We make sure that Horse Around New Mexico is free for the taking at the feed store or tack shop. It’s available at the vet’s office, in the trailer showroom, at the trailer repair place, at the shed dealer’s or the barn contractor’s office. Copies of the magazine are handed out at horse shows, clinics, group trail rides and similar events. Folks find it in the tack room at the boarding barn or are handed a copy by their trainer. Even the farrier has copies in his truck! Online issues are showcased and archived, with timed releases targeted to maximize cyber-exposure without lessening the impact of the print version. We harness social media to market both print and online versions of the magazine, so you can be sure your ad has a long life and a reach far beyond many print publications.

Deadlines Information is on the Deadlines & Editorial Calendar page.

Please e-mail your ads to

Questions? Call 505-570-7377


Advertorial Content: Our policies regarding this type of content follow the Best Practices guidelines established by ASME, as found here: ASME Editorial Guidelines. Pricing is the same as for display ads.

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