Margret Henkels

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Ear Release

Margret rode as a child in Pennsylvania and bought her first horse in college. In 2003, she rode the Connemara Trail and Coast Trail in Ireland with the Willie Leahy tour. She studies dressage and enjoys trail riding in open country. Margret’s education is a BA in Journalism and her work experiences include the newspaper industry, owning an art gallery and fine art. Her best friend is an active 41 year old Spanish Barb.

A desire to completely heal long-term personal injuries introduced Margret to Heller Work and structural integration. When her old compensation patterns were resolved with her first Heller series, she was inspired to enter the bodywork field. Margret has also been certified with Matrix Energetics, a Quantum Energy work developed by Dr. Richard Bartlett.

A certified Equine Natural Movement practitioner ( Equine Natural Movement was developed by Joseph Freeman, out of Heller Work for humans), Margret offers experience in helping horses or all kinds, ages & disciplines. Each bodywork practitioner develops a unique approach to work; Margret’s work has incorporated Structural Integration (Heller Work), Myofascial Release (a technique adapted for horses with their high sensitivity), Cranio sacral releases, and inclusion of the horse’s soma emotional recall to further freedom for the horse.

Matrix Energetics brought ability to achieve results with remote sessions.

Currently a resident of New Mexico, Margret is available for out-of-state and work abroad.

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