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 The Folks Behind Horse Around New Mexico Magazine

Cecilia Kayano: Publisher/Editor     websitephoto

Cecilia Kayano is a life-long horse lover and avid trail rider. She started by riding dressage, then dabbled in team penning and did a few cattle drives.  She has a background in mountain climbing and cross-country bicycle touring, and was able to transfer these experiences to wilderness trail riding. She resides in beautiful Pecos, NM which gives her easy access to one of her favorite trail riding/horse camping destinations:  Jack’s Creek Campground and the Pecos Wilderness. She owns two gaited horses, Lance (a Kentucky Mountain) and Consuelo (a Rocky Mountain).

Cecilia has been a writer/photographer/graphic designer for her entire career. She has edited magazines for 15 years and has ghost written several books.  She thanks Karen Lehmann and Dennis Shartz, Co-Founders of Horse Around New Mexico, and the advertisers and contributors for making Horse Around New Mexico magazine a reality.


Peggy Conger Peggy Conger: Associate Editor

Peggy Conger was a horse crazy kid who didn’t get her first horse until she was 39. In the years since, she’s made up for that horse-starved childhood, with six rescue horses and a donkey! Her current herd consists of her veteran school pony turned trail horse Joe, a mustang, and Talley, a quarter horse mare rescued from a vagrant life near Tajique. She was a volunteer and board member at Walking N Circles Ranch, a trail guide at Bosque Circle Ranch and worked in various capacities for 4 Winds Equestrian Center. She spent her career as a reporter and magazine editor and has been published in the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post and the Denver Post, among many other publications and web outlets. Horse Around New Mexico magazine is close to her heart because it combines two passions, writing and riding. She hopes her stories help readers to keep riding, exploring and loving the horse life.  Peggy can be reached at p_conger@yahoo.com


Susie Spicer

Susie Spicer: Events and Facebook Manager
While living in Tripoli, Libya at the age of twelve, Susie got her first horse, a blue roan named Poor Joe. She ran him bareback through the desert sands and swam in the Mediterranean Sea — there were many memorable experiences for a horse-crazy young girl. Retired from a career of twenty years as a flight attendant, Susie lives in Santa Fe where she volunteers her time with the non-profit, Kitchen Angels and occasionally gallery sits on Canyon Road. Her dedication to Horse Around New Mexico comes from the hope that readers will learn new things so they can give their horses a better life. Contact Susie at EventsHorseAround@gmail.com


Self-portraitEvalyn Bemis: Photojournalist 

Evalyn Bemis is a photographer and horse lover. She has attended several World Equestrian Games and World Cup Finals as a photojournalist, and has had articles and photographs published in a variety of magazines, newspapers, and books. More of her work can be found at www.evalynbemisphotogaphy.com

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