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 The Folks Behind Horse Around New Mexico Magazine

Cecilia Kayano: Publisher/Editor     websitephoto

Cecilia Kayano is a life-long horse lover and avid trail rider. She started by riding dressage, then dabbled in team penning and did a few cattle drives.  She has a background in mountain climbing and cross-country bicycle touring, and was able to transfer these experiences to wilderness trail riding. She resides in beautiful Pecos, NM which gives her easy access to one of her favorite trail riding/horse camping destinations:  Jack’s Creek Campground and the Pecos Wilderness. She owns two gaited horses, Lance (a Kentucky Mountain) and Consuelo (a Rocky Mountain).

Cecilia has been a writer/photographer/graphic designer for her entire career. She has edited magazines for 15 years and has ghost written several books.  She thanks Karen Lehmann and Dennis Shartz, Co-Founders of Horse Around New Mexico, and the advertisers and contributors for making Horse Around New Mexico magazine a reality.


Karen on Lacy 2014  Karen Lehmann: Co- Founder, Executive Editor January 2011 – September 2015

Karen’s a writer, editor and freelance marketing professional. Since 2007 she’s been typing madly, in the service of technical writing and editing projects as well as creative ones; providing targeted niche marketing for small businesses and, more recently, writing articles for horse-related publications. Ghostwriting, web site content, creative writing workshops: Karen loves writing almost as much as she loves riding.

Karen’s been married to Dennis since September 2000 and mother to the amazing Amelia since 2003. Horses have been a lifelong passion, though she was never able to own one of her own until 2007. Her Arabian gelding, Koda, was her inspiration and partner until colic took him in November 2011. These days she’s got three horses to keep her guessing: Hispano-Arabe gelding Ricochet, Missouri Fox Trotter Lacy, the prettiest little grey mare you ever saw; and Decoroso D (“Deco”) – a truly majestic Andalusian gelding, trained once upon a time to the highest levels of dressage and now happily training Karen to be a better rider during the week, and gettin’ all fancy out on the trail on the weekends.

Karen freely admits that she’s got a lot to learn about – well, about everything. Every morning she gets up ready to try – and to try again – and to try something new.


    Dennis Shartz: Co-Founder, VP Sales & Marketing January 2011- December 2015CropPortrait

Dennis carried his mid-western sense of responsibility and work ethic from his hometown of Aurora, Ohio to the Southwest in 1993. His  bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing was earned at Kent State, and he’s spent many years pursuing a dynamic business, marketing and sales career, working for others as well as for himself in Colorado and New Mexico.  No stranger to the life of a entrepreneur, he’s decided to put his particular brand of persistence to work in his own business once again.  After years of selling business-to-business advertising for others, Dennis thought he could do things just a little bit differently. (And when he says “differently”, he definitely means “better”.)

Dennis has finished 22 marathons, climbed almost all of Colorado’s “fourteeners” (mountains at or over 14,000 feet high), remained married to Karen since September of 2000 and raised daughter Amelia since 2003. Asked which of these accomplishments has been the most challenging, he diplomatically declines to answer, choosing instead to flash that million-dollar smile…

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